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Columbus Entrepreneurs' Podcast is primarily for members of the Columbus, Ohio chapter of Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO). Our members include business owners with a majority ownership in companies with at least $1 million in revenue. The stories are inspiring and focus on core principles of EO, including speaking from experience instead of advice giving, building peer learning experiences, and focusing on the top and bottom 5% of our lives. EO is a global organization that offers many benefits and learning opportunities. If you would like to learn more about EO, please visit

Mar 28, 2017

Today’s guest, a Columbus Student Entrepreneur Award winner, is involved in the student entrepreneur program of EO. Currently pursuing his undergraduate degree at Ohio State, David Butcher is also running a business called FlyBy BBQ. In this episode, David talks about the start of his current business, what inspired him to become an entrepreneur, the various business plan competitions he’s been involved in, and he shares some advice for young people who want to become entrepreneurs.


Key Takeaways:

[:47] David shares how he got to where he is now: His entrepreneurial ambitions stemmed from his family, watching his dad turn his normal job into a business that not only supported his family, but also gave opportunity to other community members. The past few years have been David trying to figure out exactly what it is he wanted to do. This culminated into his current project: FlyBy BBQ.

[3:56] While he was working on a different idea for a business plan competition at Ohio State, his meetings led to many observations about how people like to eat. FlyBy is working to revitalize barbeque and make it something fun.

[5:02] As a student who also has a running business, what is more important? David reckons it’s usually about a 70-30 ratio of business to school. His preparations in high school set him up to be in a good place with his college courses before he even got there.

[6:19] David reflects on his experience in different business plan competitions. His biggest takeaway has been realizing that the importance of a business plan is being able to start something — once you get started, there is opportunity for ideas to develop and change as you go along. But you have to take that first step forward. He also speaks about how valuable the actual pitch is — designing and being able to articulate your story is important for doing well.

[11:10] What was David’s entrepreneurial spark? Although David’s dad showed him what it was, he never really taught him about it. As a kid David really admired
Steve Jobs, and he was inspired by the idea that he could change things and build his own things and have influence. His school environment also fostered growth and independence, which was really empowering for his entrepreneurial spirit.

[15:04] Many people from the younger generation have a desire to make an impact on the world. David and Kevin talk about entrepreneurship as a vehicle to make this impact. David feels that with the way things are constantly changing, entrepreneurship allows you to do something for yourself, and if something happens, it’s on your own terms. From the financial side, many people are enticed by the monetary reward and feel it’s worth the risk.

[17:40] David talks about his team for FlyBy BBQ. Using his resources, he found people who were knowledgeable in their fields, and their expertise would benefit the operations of his business.

[18:41] How can Kevin and EO help FlyBy BBQ? David is always looking for feedback and people to share their story. They’re currently in their last phase, which is the food truck. It’ll be launching in Dayton in mid-April in the Fair Warren/Beaver Creek area, so come on down!


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