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Columbus Entrepreneurs' Podcast is primarily for members of the Columbus, Ohio chapter of Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO). Our members include business owners with a majority ownership in companies with at least $1 million in revenue. The stories are inspiring and focus on core principles of EO, including speaking from experience instead of advice giving, building peer learning experiences, and focusing on the top and bottom 5% of our lives. EO is a global organization that offers many benefits and learning opportunities. If you would like to learn more about EO, please visit

Apr 18, 2017

In today’s episode, Sandy joins Kevin to talk about her story and her work to make companies more functional by determining their personalities. She talks about her personal and business ventures, as well as her current company, and the events that led to its creation.


Key Takeaways:

[:45] Sandy shares her lifeline: Growing up in the West, Sandy left to find new opportunity at an internship in Columbus. She worked writing resumes for a search firm under the condition that once it was profitable, she could hire in someone to run it, and be a marketing consultant. Her work ethic developed during childhood, from taking care of her family. She joined EO about ten years ago.

[5:53] How did her business evolve from its first conception? She started in corporate marketing, working for an executive search firm, and wanted to do it on her own, and be able to branch out into some different areas.

[7:27] When did she realize that this was something she could make a career out of? A few years into the business, she was maintaining a healthy number of clients. She joined with a design firm to really start a company and start hiring other outside employees. She had an idea that she could determine the personality of a company based on how employees are experiencing the company, and her brother wrote the software, and things started taking off from there (including a book deal!).

[11:55] It wasn’t without its trials and tribulations. Sandy talks about the ups and downs of this process — selling her company and taking her team with her, and then many of her team getting laid off. When that company went under, the team decided to try and get it back on its feet. It remains a great story about the strength of culture.

[14:30] Sandy talks about a bit about her book, which she didn’t get to tour, but received good publicity. It’s essentially a culture assessment. This book/assessment helps companies find their core ideologies.

[16:45] Kevin and Sandy advocate for EO, as well as EOS. It has been a tremendous help for her company, as well as other companies she works with to implement it.

[21:24] What are common struggles preventing companies from taking off to the next level? Many get stalled when trying to get everybody to really understand their roles in the company. Whether an integrator or a visionary, you have to understand how your role works with others in the company to get everyone on the same page, so people can get done what they need to get done.

[26:50] Sandy talks about some of the personal events that happened that affected her business journey as well.

[30:35] Sandy’s main goals right now are to help entrepreneurs run on EOS; help them find out who they are, and what they’re great at. When they use all the tools, they can achieve their vision as a healthy team.

[33:02] What advice does Sandy have for entrepreneurs that haven’t found EO yet? Be smart — ask a lot of questions, and align yourself with people who are like you, and whom you respect.


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